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08th Oct 2017

Nose hair extensions are going viral and we can’t look away

So bizarre.

So gross yet so intriguing.

Please tell us this isn’t the next big beauty trend because we don’t think we can pull this off.

Instagrammer GretChen Chen shared a picture of some extended nose hairs and it’s totally creepy.

The picture caught the attention of the internet and it’s all thanks to the fake eyelashes that now look like spider legs coming out of the Instagrammer’s nostrils.

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Followers quickly responded to the pics and while the majority consisted of just laughing emojis, many others complimented the social media user’s ‘creativity’.

“This is so creative WTF,” wrote one follower.

“Yes! This is that something I need right now. Thank you,” wrote another.

While we can’t imagine busting this look out on a Saturday night, with Halloween coming up, we’re thinking we could possibly incorporate this in somehow.