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06th Sep 2023

The Nightmare Realm scream park will return to Dublin’s City Market very soon

Jody Coffey

If you don’t laugh, you’ll scream.

Horror buffs and adrenaline junkies will delight in hearing that the Nightmare Realm Scream Park will be making its return to Dublin City’s Market once again this year.

Early bird tickets are now on sale for those who want to guarantee themselves equal parts fear and fun this October.

The haunting experience was hailed the ‘Best Scream Park in Europe’ earlier this year at the European Scare Awards (yes, that is a thing) and is said to already be attracting ticket sales from all over the world who are looking to have their socks scared off them.

You know Spooky Season is approaching when the Nightmare Realm sets up shop, and if the Dublin-based scream park is an annual trick or treat for you, be prepared to expect bigger and better things this year.

The ‘Night Terrors’ show, featuring five terrifying new scare mazes and interactive secret rooms (that you may or may not find depending on the night), is one of the added features being planned for this month-long frightful fiasco.

The five new haunt mazes, named Sundown Manor, BioX1ne Laboratories, The Shriekers, Death Row 2: Shank Season, and Dead Carnival, will be open for exploration, but only for those who are not fainthearted.

Each of these mazes is built as a detailed set with elaborate animatronics, award-nominated costumes, makeup, and special effects, as well as digitally projected visuals to enhance storytelling (all mazes are included in your ticket price, by the way).

Also, before we continue, a quick little side note: Who else remembers when Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox rocked up at the Nightmare Realm in Dublin last year?

Well, they weren’t the only ones looking to be spooked, as other notable names such as Brooklyn Beckham, Little Mix, Chloe Moretz, and Christian Convery (Sweet Tooth), have all graced the event over the years.

Celebs, eh? They’re just like us.

The event will haunt Dublin’s City Market once again and set up shop in the 130-year-old Victorian red brick fruit and vegetable market.

This year’s immersive experience will take thrill-seekers on an expanded Victorian-themed Halloween Town journey that features street theatre, stage dancers, circus performers, and interactive shops.

The food court will be serving werewolf burgers and black ice cream, and you can expect a few chilling encounters with some dark and mysterious characters.

Does anyone remember Molly Mayhem? Perhaps you’ve blocked the scream queen out of your memory. Either way, she’ll be back along with her ghouls from Halloween Town (as well as a few new additions) to put the fear of God back into us all again.

The Nightmare Realm will open its doors on October 6th and run for 24 selected nights until November 3rd.

Tickets, which are priced from €22 to €36 (depending on the ticket type and day), include all 5 mazes and entry to Halloween Town and are now on sale at

Due to the nature of The Nightmare Realm’s attractions, there is an age recommendation of 13+.

Enter at your peril.