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27th Sep 2017

NEED… Volkswagen has just launched a retro bus-inspired fridge

I think I'm in love....

Denise Curtin

Officially on top of our Christmas wish list.

Volkswagen has just partnered with Slovenian kitchen appliance designer Gorenje to bring you the most STUNNING retro VW refrigerator.

Inspired by the iconic minivan which is apparently in the works to make a comeback in 2022. This refrigerator comes in two shades, baby blue and burgundy.

Don’t be fooled by the vintage style on the outside however, as inside it features some of the most cutting-edge technology on the market. One of these features is DynamiCooling, which is an advanced fan system that evenly distributes the temperature throughout the refrigerator, reaching all corners and shelves evenly. It also features A+++, which is the highest rating of energy efficiency for refrigerators plus a CrispZone with humidity control to keep all your fruit and veg fresh for longer (no more rotten avocados hooray).

One of our favourite features however is the car door style fridge handle. How gorge.

The fridge costs €1,259.95 which is pretty pricey however we know we are going to go to bed dreaming of how our kitchen won’t be complete without this beauty. (Hint hint nudge nudge to everyone buying us Christmas presents).

The fridge is available now on and it’s currently ON SALE.

Do it g’wan.