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23rd Aug 2021

Why you need to start listening to Maintenance Phase

The podcast explores fad diets, food trends and health frauds.

If you’re a fan of the hugely popular podcast You’re Wrong About, then you’re bound to adore Maintenance Phase, in which host Michael Hobbes is joined by Aubrey Gordon, the author of What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat.

Each episode of Maintenance Phase sees Aubrey and Michael delve deep into a number of topics relating to the diet industry and health frauds.

Like You’re Wrong About, the show sets out to bring some much needed clarity to misunderstood topics, and lays the facts bare for listeners in a no-nonsense, but still jovial approach.

The episodes come out fortnightly, and some of them are stand-alones, while others explore a single topic or person over multiple episodes.

If you’re particularly interested in debunking diet fads, then Maintenance Phase has got you sorted. Michael and Aubrey have already put a number of diets and trends – Keto, the Master Cleanse, Celery Juice, Moon Juice, Fen Phen etc. – under the microscope, and each excavation is nothing short of fascinating.

The hosts are also unafraid to explore problematic moments from pop culture. A two-parter on Oprah Winfrey, for instance, shines a light on her troubling “Wagon of Fat” episode, and her visit to John of God, a dangerous faith healer.

Recently, the show’s been enjoying boosted ratings following the success of one of their latest episodes. Titled The Body Mass Index, Aubrey and Michael interrogate the peculiar history of the BMI. In a follow-up, our hosts explore the media narrative surrounding the “obesity epidemic” and its very real consequences.

While Aubrey and Michael shed light on a number of important, yet over-looked issues, they never veer into preachiness or gloom. Instead, they approach each topic with the cold-hard facts and take the listener along with them on a journey that’s rich in compassion, humour and gentleness.

Maintenance Phase is available on all podcast streaming platforms.