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12th Oct 2021

Mum shares horrifying story of toddler filming her in the shower on Instagram Live

God love her.

Hand a child a phone and they’ll be entertained for hours, and so distracted that you can head off and to all those little things you barely have time for, like showering.

While we don’t expect much to happen while off in the shower, this one mum has a horror story of distracting her child with her phone, and it’ll put you off doing it too.

TikToker @bri.anna89, or Brianna, gave her young one her phone to entertain her while she took a quick shower, but it wasn’t long before she realised it was a mistake.

“It was a preschool learning game that she plays often,” she explained, giving some context.

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While she thought her daughter was off playing, her shower was cut short when she barged in with the phone in hand.

“Next thing I know she is knocking on my door asking me to help her fix something,” she said.

“I of course tell her to come in so I can help so she can keep playing. She hands me the phone while I am in the shower.”

Looking down at her phone to see the issue, Brianna quickly realised she was on Instagram live, adding: “I quickly realise that my phone is broadcasting LIVE on Instagram. In my hand. While I am in the shower.”

The TikTok has managed to get a whopping 330,000 views, along with over 26,000 likes and hundreds of comments, mostly other mothers telling their stories of their children doing something similar.

One said: “No lie this happened to me but my daughter shared a live video of me in the tub on FB.”

While another added: “Mine took a Snapchat photo of me on the toilet and sent it to like 3 people. One of them being my friend’s mom.”

We’re cringing at the sound of it all.