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31st Jul 2023

Woman praised for painting ‘tiger stripes’ on daughter’s Barbie in bid to normalise stretch marks

A mum took to social media to showcase hand painted stretch marks on her daughter’s Barbie in a bid to normalise them.

Kate Claxton (@reallyratherwild) took to social media to showcase the body-inclusive Barbie with stretch marks on her tummy, hips, and thighs after failing to find a version of the Mattel doll that represented stretch marks.

Conscious of the impact idealised bodies would have on her own daughter, Claxton, 35, made a few tweaks saying that it was “important” to give Barbie tiger-stripes that would allow her daughter to continue playing with dolls while also growing up knowing they are completely normal.

“My daughter is SO into dolls and getting them dressed and undressed at the moment that it was important for me to make some modifications to this gal and give her the stripes so many of us cover up,” Claxton explains.

Claxton, who is an award-winning children’s book author of ‘My Mum Is a Tiger’ writes body positive books for children with the goal of normalising all body types for younger generations.

With a little nail varnish and a steady hand, she was able to carry the same message from her books onto her daughter’s doll giving her a more inclusive and accurate representation of female bodies.


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Asking followers if they thought stretch marks should be added to Barbie permanently, many agreed that it would help them to accept and love their stripes, as well making positive changes for their children.

“This is so important and a step in the right direction for promoting the norms associated with pregnancy,” one user wrote.

“Love this! I am one of those who are guilty of hiding my stretch marks but your wonderful book and posts always remind me of why I’ve got those tiger stripes,” another wrote.

“My little girl asks me about my “tiger stripes” every time I have a shower or get changed,” one mum confessed.

What do you think? Would you like to see stretch marks reflected on Barbie’s body?