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11th Aug 2023

Mum captures the hilarious moment her husband fainted during their baby’s birth

Jody Coffey

The mum captured the unforgettable moment on camera.

A new mum took to TikTok to share the humorous moment her husband passed out during their baby’s birth in a now-viral video.

Corianne Johnson shows her husband, Cody, squirming on the floor as she is being prepped by midwives for the birth.

“He tried his best,” the mum captioned the hilarious video.

After the fainting episode, Cody was given a juice box and was tucked up on a couch to recover from the ordeal.

Speaking to about the incident, Corianne said she “knew he was going to pass out” and that she regretted not betting on it beforehand.

“He can’t handle needles. He didn’t even see the needle go into my back — he just saw the needle and that was it. He went down.”

Apparently, it would seem, that fainting in fathers-to-be is not that uncommon with many users sharing their own similar lighthearted stories.

“My husband passed out when he saw the epidural go into my spine,” one TikTok user wrote.

Another revealed that her hospital made her husband sign a paper beforehand that said if he passed out they would leave him there “bc [sic] they weren’t there to take care of him,” she shared.

“My husband passed out when I got the epidural. My in-laws told us they’ll get him a helmet if we have another baby just in case,” one joked.

While one user pointed out that the “nurse casually walking over to him like this happens every 20 minutes for them.”

@coriannejohnson22He tried his best! ?♬ origineel geluid – Tik Toker

There’s no one way to determine why fathers pass out during the delivery but Father Resource says it is most commonly down to the dads not eating enough food or consuming enough fluids in the lead-up to labour.

They speculate that this may be because their partner isn’t eating or because they forget due to being overwhelmed by the experience of bringing a child into the world.

Fainting also can occur when they are encouraging their partner to breathe through labour resulting in them forgetting to breathe themselves.

So, if your partner goes down in the delivery room, it’s most likely because they’re putting their needs ahead of yours at that moment, which is very cute!

Do you have any humourous delivery room stories to share? If so, drop them in their Facebook comments, we’d love to hear them!