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17th Feb 2018

This is how much money Irish people spent on Valentine’s Day this year

That's a LOT for love

Did you do anything for Valentine’s Day?

Whether you had a romantic date night planned with your other half, or you had a few glasses of vino with the girls, most of us spent money on Valentine’s Day (even if it was just treating yo’self to a fancy lunch).

However, new research commissioned by Circle Pay, the social payment app, reveals that us Irish are spent a LOT on the day of love.

The study found that the average gift costs €56, which means Irish adults are spent towards €200 million on the day alone this year.

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And looking into the world of romance a little bit more, here are some dating stats that really stuck out to us.

Those who are single or in a relationship go on an average of 16 dates per year.

However, those who are married are keen on keeping the flame alive by going on the most dates per year (24) and spending the most money on dates too (€68).

Surprisingly, divorcees go on more dates than single adults, coming in at 18 to 10.

And as for that awkward ending of do-we-split-don’t-we-split the bill, it seems nearly half, (44 percent) would rather split on a first date.

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34 percent prefer to pay the whole bill but if the date isn’t going well, daters are more inclined to split the bill (60 percent).

However, 40 percent of daters believe that paying the whole bill will result in a second date and 1 in 4 are more likely to share a kiss.

It all adds up, right?