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19th May 2015

“Maybe Your Cancer is the Will of God” – Journalist Una Mullally Shares Horrific Homophobic Hate Mail

This is truly shocking and upsetting.

Rebecca McKnight

Irish Times journalist and #YesEquality campaigner Una Mullally has been one of the most vocal public Irish figures in the run up to the Marriage Equality Referendum. 

Late last month, Una opened up her private life to a debating public, to give a glimpse at the true reality of living as a gay person in Ireland today.

In an honest and brave account, Ms Mullally spoke about her cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, a battle she continues to go through with partner Sarah by her side. In the piece, Una wrote: “I used to think of myself as a private person but I can’t be during a campaign where LGBT lives are being exposed, dissected, appraised and judged.”

Ms Mullally subsequently appeared on the much talked-about Marriage Equality debate on The Late Late Show, arguing for a Yes vote alongside Amnesty International’s Colm O’Gorman.

Though she has been widely praised for the eloquent and touching manner in which she has addressed the fight for equality, not all feedback is as welcome.

This afternoon, Una took to Twitter to share a frankly horrific piece of hate mail she had received, in which a commenter suggested that her cancer was “the will of God”, and directly related to her “pushing the twisted idea of gay marriage”.

In subsequent tweets, Una added that the person responsible for the hate mail had indeed signed their name, but she would not put it in the public sphere, choosing instead to rise above it.

The Marriage Equality Referendum takes place this Friday, May 22nd.