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15th Jul 2020

Make the most of summer: 5 ways to host the perfect social-distancing summer gathering

Anna Daly

Brought to you by Bulmers Rosé

A party to remember – and not just because you can’t touch anyone.

With phase 3 coming in, we’ve finally been given permission to have sizable-ish gatherings and we are certainly going to take advantage of that. Of course, though, we still have to take all the necessary precautions and make sure that we’re properly socially distancing.

That means a bit more preplanning when it comes to organising our summer get-togethers and a bit more effort from us on the night if we want it to go swimmingly. It’ll only be a few tweaks here and there – we’re sure you’ll still have the time of your life. And to make doubly sure that you do, we’ve created a list of the most important things to remember when organising your own social-distancing summer gathering. If you follow these steps, you’re guaranteed a spectacular summery reunion with your friends.

Also, make sure to check out our fabulous competition at the bottom of this page – we’ve teamed up with Bulmers to bring one lucky winner a €250 One4all voucher and a Bulmers Rosé gift box. The ideal addition to your summer soirée.

1. Have it outside

Make sure that you check the weather in advance and pick a nice day (we know, sometimes easier said than done in Ireland, but we have faith!). Having the gathering outside means that social distancing will be easier, you’ll be able to breathe fresh air, and everything will feel more summery. If you have a garden, that’s perfect. Otherwise, you’ll have to figure out where works best. Just make sure that you’re not crowding up public spots and you should be sorted.

2. Make sure you choose the perfect, summery drink

Okay, so those last tips have been pretty technical but we shouldn’t forget that this is a party (well, gathering) after all so it should be fun! And what better way to say “fun” than with some pink drinks? Our go-to summery beverage this year has been Bulmers Rosé. It’s a light-blush apple cider with a new improved sweeter recipe that’s ideal for summer. So you’ve basically got the deliciousness of cider with the elegance and summery-feel of Rosé – the perfect option. Serve it over ice and sip it in the sun – it’ll be the cherry on top of your (fantabulous) summer do.

3. Be careful with your numbers

We used to always say “the more the merrier” when it came to parties and other social gatherings but, unfortunately, that attitude must be done away with for the time being. Consider how many people can comfortably fit in your outside space while social distancing and pick your numbers based on that. Either make sure to factor in significant others while making up the numbers or let people know that this is not a “bring your SO without advance warning” event.

4. Give everyone their own snacking bowls

At parties before, you’d just dump a whole load of crisps into a big bowl and let people snack as they liked. With Covid precautions, that’s really not the best idea. It’s iffy enough having everyone stick their hands in the same bowl but it becomes even worse if people start licking their fingers. As little cross-contamination as possible is key, so we suggest giving everyone their own plate or bowl for the night and topping people’s bowls up yourself as the night goes on. That way, you’ll be the only one touching the food containers and there will be no touching of other people’s food. Yes, it’s a bit more effort on your part as the host but, hey, it’ll be worth it.

5. Think of some potential games to play

Now, your chats might keep you going for the entire night, especially if you haven’t seen a lot of your guests in a while. If so, you’re golden, but just in case, it might be handy to have some potential games ready to go. Depending on your numbers, the social distancing might stifle the chat a little bit and it’ll be good having a rescue option on hand. With the distancing restrictions, you might find yourself reverting back to the old classics like Charades or Who Am I? But they’re classics for a reason. A game of charades with your best friends and a glass of Bulmers Rosé in hand sounds like a pretty good night to us.

Now for the best part. We have teamed up with Bulmers Rosé to bring you a wonderful competition where you can get your hands on a €250 One4all voucher and a Bulmers Rosé gift box to help you host your very own summer gathering. Sound like a pretty great prize? We think so too. To be in with a chance of winning, just fill in the form below. That’s it!

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Brought to you by Bulmers Rosé

Bulmers Rosé is the ideal drink for any summer occasion; served over ice while you chill in your back garden, as an accompaniment to brunch or a casual dinner with friends, or simply as a “treat yourself” moment after a hard week in work. 

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