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20th Nov 2014

Love/Hate Star Says He ‘Would Be Happy’ If Crime Drama Didn’t Return For Sixth Series

He said the finale "felt like a last episode".


One of the stars of hit series Love/Hate has said he would be happy if the drama didn’t return for a sixth series.

The recent season finale saw Nidge, Siobhán and Janet all come to a grisly end and speaking to RTÉ Ten, actor Lawrence Kinlan aka Elmo has said that the episode was so good that it would be a worthy conclusion to the programme.

“I’d be quite happy for it to end where it has, just because it’s gone out with such a bang. He’s [writer Stuart Carolan] tied up a lot of loose ends and it felt like a last episode. But look, if they go on to do another one, I’d be quite happy to be involved.”

The Dubliner said that Carolan has given himself “six months to a year” to figure out what he wants to do with regards to the future of the show and feels that this is the right approach.

“Rightly so, he wrote the first six [episodes] in mind to film it over 12 and tell the bigger story, and he did that, and it got the pay off this year because of that.

“So for him to go into a room now and write another six episodes for season six straight away wouldn’t be the right thing to do, and he knows that himself, so he’s given himself a bit of time and he’ll decide with RTÉ whether or not it’s right to go on for a sixth and I’ll support him all the way and if they want me back, I’m quite happy to run back. I’m not dead – yes!”