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21st Jun 2023

It’s the longest day of the year – here’s how to black out your room tonight


Today’s the day!

June 21st, the summer solstice, the longest day of the year is finally here and while it is nice to have that extra bit of daylight, it can be a nightmare when you’re trying to sleep.

There is always the option to get black out blinds, but it can often come with a hefty price tag and by the time it’s installed, the nights will start getting dark again.

Needing a quick and easy solution for tonight, we have found some DIY and budget friendly ways to ensure you’ll be able to get some shut-eye this evening.

Tin foil

Using tin foil over the windows can help when it comes to keeping the light out, and if you tape it up correctly, you’ll ensure not even the slightest bit of light peeks through.

Using rolls of this and some tape, it gives the same effect as black out blinds.

Ensure you place the tin foil on the outside of your windows as if it’s placed on the inside, the window can overheat and crack.

Black fabric

Similar to tin foil, if you use enough of this, you can cover up any part of the window that light comes in through.

But unlike tin foil, certain fabrics can still let light through such as linen or cotton, but either way it will make your room that bit darker when it still feels like the afternoon outside.


Cardboard has the same effect as tin foil does, but can just be more awkward to keep up. As well as this, it is harder to get to the right size and can let some light in, but if you if that sweet spot, you’ll be sorted.

Black towels

This is my personal favourite way to ensure total darkness at night – and it doesn’t involve cutting up anything. Unfortunately with this, you need more than one towel, or it won’t give the same blackout results.

For this, just pop a few black or dark coloured towels hanging over your blinds and you’ll notice a massive difference.


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