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31st Dec 2018

Le Creuset’s latest collection would actually make you excited about cooking dinner

Call me Rachel Allen.

Denise Curtin

Insta perfection.

Many Le Creuset collections have come and gone and although we’ve swooned over them all, none have made us feel just as weak as this one.

Titled the Berry Collection, these pink fade pots need a spot in our kitchen ASAP. From a heart-shaped casserole dish to salt and pepper table grinders and even, a gorgeous little teapot, the collection is truly stunning but, we’d want to start saving now as the price tags aren’t the cheapest.

With prices ranging up to €325 for this casserole dish, it isn’t cheap but oh, is it pretty.

The smaller heart-shaped casserole dish is a little cheaper at €245 and would make for a lovely gift this Christmas plus its one that’ll definitely be put to good use. Homemade dinner anyone?

Aside from that, we’re also swooning over the salt and pepper grinders and for €45 for the two, it’s a little bit more budget friendly especially at this time of the year when our accounts have taken quite the bashing.

Dreamy – you know it’s a sign you’re getting old when homewares make you this excited but tbh, we wouldn’t have it any other way. You can check out Le Creuset’s whole collection here.