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03rd Nov 2018

Lavender scented microwavable slippers exist and we need our feet in them immediately

Jade Hayden


It’s cold now.

Summer is over and it’s cold.

You don’t need an article to tell you that – you’re well aware. You’ve been outside. You’ve experienced the air. You’ve accidentally smashed your iPhone off the ground for the fifth time because you were trying to take a photo of the sky but your hands were shaking.

It’s cold.

So cold, in fact, that even walking barefoot indoors has become a chore.

Carpets? Fine, all for it, but wooden floors? Tiles? Stone?? Nah mate, you can do one.

The above surfaces are too chilly for our poor, dainty feet and we simply refuse to stand on them without the assistance of a pair of slippers.

And more specifically – a pair of lavender scented heated slippers that you can put in the microwave.


The slippers in question (yes, they do exist) are called Warmies and they’ll heat up in the microwave in just 90 seconds.

The Warmies (solid name, yeah) are filled with treated millet grains and dried lavender flowers to give wearers the cosy feet experience of a lifetime.

They can also be used the opposite way too by sticking them in a plastic bag and placing them in a freezer for a bit. Ideal.

The Warmies will only set you back about €25 which isn’t really that pricey at all considering they are going to make your winter a whole lot more bearable.

You can take a look at the product in more detail here.