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05th Apr 2024

Japan’s capybara cafe puts cat cafes to shame



BRB just booking a trip to Japan for this cafe alone

We all have our favourite animals, but it’s pretty undeniable that capybaras are some of the cutest furry friends out there.

Although they are technically a rodent, the animals have grown in popularity in recent years thanks to their memey status.

However, one Japanese cafe takes them incredibly seriously – so seriously, in fact, that they have a number of capybaras just roaming around inside their establishment.

Much like cat cafes in the UK, Café Capyba in Tokyo lets customers come in and observe the creatures while enjoying a coffee and snack.

The outlet charges customers just ¥1,250 (£6.62) for the first half an hour spent inside the cosy space, with an extra ¥330 (£1.75) for another ten minutes.

However, as Metro reports, the cafe is extremely popular, and visitors can expect wait times of up to four hours.

Café Capyba does not accept reservations ahead of time either, so you might have to be prepared for a lengthy wait for your time amongst the furry beings.

Unsurprisingly, Café Capyba is already a TikTok sensation, with users having shared their experience on the video app.

“Come with me to experience the best day of my life,” @k8lyn1738 wrote on their video of their trip.

In their video, they show two ‘affectionate, clean and squeaky’ capybaras waltzing around the cafe, as well as their experience of hand-feeding them carrots.

“I need to visit omg,” one person wrote in the comments.

A second said: “I just went here today and they are so cute.”

“I need to go asap,” a third penned.