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28th Nov 2016

Japan to open a spa amusement park featuring Jacuzzi rollercoaster

It’s called a Spamusement park and we literally couldn’t think of anything better.

Everyone loves a good amusement park, and no one would pass up a day at the spa, but until now, the closest thing we had to a combo is a waterpark.

Thankfully we can rely on Japan to come up with bonkers ideas that we have only ever dreamed of.

Beppu, on the island of Kyushu, Japan may soon be home to the world’s first Spamusement park according to Island’s mayor Yasuhiro Nagano.

The park will be built using the island’s hot spring water.

Rollercoaster cars will be filled with warm water so that participants can feel all relaxed before plunging and soaring around the track – a strange combination.

Earlier this month, the mayor released a promotion video in which 150 volunteers trialled a beta version of the park. He announced in the video if the video got more than one million views, he’d make it permanent.

Obviously, the video was a massive hit and the dream is becoming a reality.

We reckon once it’s done a trip to Japan is definitely in order.