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26th Jul 2015

Is THIS The Most MORTIFYING First Date In The History of Forever?!

See, this is why you should never exercise on a date.

First dates can be tricky territory, and we are always on the lookout for adventurous ideas that break from the norm.

However, this couple’s ambitious first date plan did NOT work out for the best.

Couple hike
Image courtesy of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

In fact – we think this might be the most mortifying first date story we’ve ever heard.

ABC News reports that a couple decided to shake things up and go hiking for their first date.

Horrible decsion gif

Equipped with their mobile phones and a map, the pair set off into Angeles National Forest in Southern California.

Apparently, the unfortunate duo got lost in the trails and had to hunt for mobile phone service.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department reports that the couple then called for a rescue crew, which eventually had to airlift them out of the forest.

shame gif

At least they had a romantic helicopter ride? No?