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27th Nov 2020

Irish sustainable clothing company remove all stock from website for Black Friday

They're just selling trees today!

Cassie Stokes

Online tree shopping that saves the planet? Yes please.

I can safely say I’ve never logged online to buy a tree, a plant, yes, but a tree, no. Well this year is the year for it.

One Irish sustainable clothing company, GROWN want to do what they can to help the planet by tackling climate change one tree at a time on this, the busiest day of the year for online shopping.

The company will remove all stock from its website today (which happens to be Black Friday) and only have trees available to buy.

No clothes, just trees.

GROWN usually have a selection of women’s and men’s clothes available online and the way the company normally works is for every garment they sell they plant a tree.

On Friday 27th November the trees will take over the site and will be available for you to purchase and hep climate change.

Prices range from 22 to 25 euro.

On their website they say: “we need community, collaboration and connection to create positive change. Thank-you for being that change.”

Stephen O’Reilly of Grown Clothing explains why it’s so important to invest in a tree and the future. “These trees are certified, they’re in a charity, they’ll never be cut down or be sold. They’ll be there for people to enjoy for years to come.”

“We plant a tree for every garment we create. I you don’t need a t-shirt, don’t need a garment, don’t do it. Buy a tree for someone.”

So if you’re looking for a different type of Christmas present this year you might want to consider a tree. “Simply buying a tree in somebody’s name or for yourself or for your family or to offset a journey you might have taken.”

“By simply planting one tree you have hoped climate change”