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01st Jul 2015

Irish Lad Forgets To Turn Off Mobile Data…Gets Caught For HUGE Phone Bill

Oh. No.

Cathy Donohue

Making the mistake of leaving mobile data on has happened to the best of us and it’s zero craic when you arrive home to a massive phone bill.

If we thought we had it bad though, it’s nothing compared to what happened to Matt Corrigan recently.

Matt, originally from Firhouse in Dublin, was living in London when he travelled to Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding.

The nature of his work as a tunnel engineer meant he was in touch with his colleagues a fair amount during the holiday, not realising that his mobile data was ON the whole time.


The bill came to a total of £1521, £70 went on calls and £14 on text messages, which meant a grand total of £1520 was spent on mobile data.

Matt alerted our JOE bros to his phone bill, in the hope that others might avoid the same outcome. OUCH.