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16th Apr 2018

These Irish cities have made it on a list of ‘Hipster’ places to live

Olivia Hayes

Well, now… we’re all very hipster indeed.

If you live in Dublin or Cork then congratulations – you officially live in a hipster city.

Yep, a new survey by Movehub studied such things like vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage boutiques, and record stores to find which locations in the world are strictly hipster.

Movehub website reads: “We looked at 446 cities across 20 countries. That’s 2,834 record stores, 7,772 vegan eats, 14,588 tattoo studios, 15,549 vintage boutiques, and 93,203 coffee shops covering a combined population of over 200,000,000 people. Serious. Bloody. Business.

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“To prevent inflated numbers — and preserve our sanity — we excluded cities with populations below 150,000.”

The top hipster towns were Brighton and Hove in the UK, with Portland in the US coming in second.

“It’s absurd how close the top two were. You couldn’t make it up. In what is quite likely the greatest, most poetic showdown since the Thrilla in Manila, Brighton and Hove of the United Kingdom beat Portland, Oregon of the USA by one-thousandth of a point.”

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Among the top ten is Seattle, Lisbon and Miami… with Cork coming in 159th place and Dublin in at 184.

A little bit low on the list but sure… at least we’re in there.