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24th Nov 2017

This Irish bar has a very efficient way of dealing with sexual harassment

'Ask for Angela.'

Jade Hayden


If you’ve never been made feel uncomfortable in a bar, congratulations because you are one of the lucky ones.

It’s probably not unfair to say that no matter what club you’re in with however many people, sexual harassment and sexual assault are common occurrences.

That’s why this Limerick bar have launched an initiative to try to combat sexual harassment and make sure that everyone feels safe while they’re drinking there.

Pharmacia’s ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign gives people the opportunity to get out of a bad date, a dodgy encounter, or avoid unwanted attention without needing to cause too much of a fuss.

According to the bar’s Facebook page, if occupants are feeling uncomfortable or harassed they can approach the bar, ask for ‘Angela,’ and alert staff that something not-too-sound is going on.

Staff will then call a taxi or help out in whatever discreet way they can.

Although Pharmacia say that the service should primarily be used for “bad dates,” they specify that both men and women can also Ask for Angela if they feel uncomfortable in the bar in general.

They also say that although they have “yet to deal with this issue,” they feel it’s important to have the procedure as a “safety net.”

“It’s unfortunate that posts like this are necessary but sexual harassment happens more than we realise and will not be tolerated.

“Please do not think it’s any way funny to use this as a joke with our staff or it will be impossible to tell when to take real action.”

Pharmacia’s initiative has been widely praised on Facebook with users saying that it’s a great idea.