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22nd Aug 2019

This invention helps you casually drink wine in the bath and we NEED it

Christmas present sorted!

Denise Curtin

2019 is now undoubtedly the greatest year of my life.

Introducing the SipCaddy, the greatest invention we have ever heard of.

Basically, the SipCaddy leaves you drink wine at your ease while soaking in the bath… how ideal! The plastic holder has a suction cup attached making it sturdy enough to hold your glass onto the bath. The gadget’s specially designed holster can hold most types of stemware (so Champagne flutes work too) in case you’re feeling very fancy.

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According to the creators, it can withstand seven pounds of pressure and is also works as a little handy table for your snacks too. Win-win.

We are all for this. Anyone buying us presents, this is how you make a girl happy.

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You can purchase the SipCaddy here.

We are obsessed.