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18th Nov 2016

If you win tonight’s Euro Millions you should buy this house

The Euro Millions tonight is an estimated €40 million.

That is so much money.

Obviously your first reaction will be to drink yourself silly, then blow a lot of money on clothes and holidays.

After that you should start thinking about making a home for yourself somewhere in the world and I have the perfect option for you.

This four bedroom house is the perfect project for a millionaire.

FullSizeRender 2

There are many reasons to invest in this potential beauty.

Reason #1 It’s the most perfect location in Dublin right now. It’s in Dublin 8 which is a wonderfully vibrant part of town. It’s close enough to the city centre without being claustrophobic.

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 18.23.39

Reason #2 It has bags of potential. It’s absolutely huge and sure, it needs a shit load of work but for the right visionary this could be perfect.

Reason #3 You could paint your door to become one of the iconic doors of Dublin.

Reason #4 You have a lot of space and you’re in need of a kitchen. Seeing as money is no object your entire kitchen could be grey and copper and marble. Don’t pretend like you don’t love grey and copper and marble.

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Reason #5 You could embrace scandanavian design throughout your entire light-filled spacious abode.

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Reason #6 You could get a motherfucking roll top bath.

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Reason #7 You have a garden and millions of euro – ergo you can get a dog.

Reason #8 And a kitten.

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PS. This is my actual kitten.

So there you have it, a plethora of reasons to buy the above. And hey, if you do win €40mil and you’re feeling generous, you know where to find me.