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01st Jan 2020

3 stories of people objecting at weddings to make your hangover better

Olivia Hayes

Sorry but what?

Have you ever been to a wedding where someone objected the marriage? You often see it in movies and TV shows where the priest or celebrate says “Speak now or forever hold your peace,” and usually someone runs up and shouts some crazy thing and the marriage never actually goes ahead?

It never happens in real life, and we’d be surprised to hear of it going down at your regular Irish wedding.

However, these people have taken to Reddit to share their stories of people objecting and they are just WILD.

Here are our 3 favourites:

The mix up

It was a Vegas wedding, everyone was super drunk. Right after the “you may kiss the bride” thing, a woman that looked exactly like the woman getting married came out from the bathroom screaming all sorts of objections. Everyone was super confused.

Turns out, the bride was a twin. The bathroom bride was the one that actually got proposed to, and the one taking the vows was her wasted already-married sister. A big fight broke out between the twins and the husbands, who happened to be father and son. Nobody remembered any of it in the morning, except me. I was the bathroom bride’s five year old son.

The grandma snatcher

I objected at my aunt’s wedding.

I was five. She’s my father’s youngest sister. Their father wasn’t in the picture so big brother walked her down the aisle. I thought that meant that they were getting married. I ran into the aisle and yelled, “You can’t marry my daddy. He’s already married to my mommy!” My grandma never snatched me up so fast before or since.

The runaway

OK so, I was at this cute wedding set in a barn, it was ADORABLE. My friend, the bride, who is a doctor was getting married to an emt medic. They are such a cute couple. I mean he proposed to her via a musical done at the hospital she worked at.

Anyways so the preist asked if anyone was in opposition to their marriage and one guy stoop up and opposed! He confessed his love for the bride, they were a couple before. And the next part was crazy!! The bride ran to the objector and they run off, leaving the groom at the stand, soon getting married themselves. CRAZY!!

Only a true Grey’s Anatomy fan would think the above sounds familiar…