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17th Mar 2023

How to avoid the dreaded ‘fear’ this Paddy’s Day weekend

Katy Brennan

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ah, the fear. Most of us know the feeling. You wake up after an unreal night out only to feel an instant wave of regret and intense shame crash through your body.

What’s worse is most of the time you can’t even remember what you did, or if you did anything, to cause the fear.

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can beat the hangover, the hangxiety and the fear.

1. Hydrate

Starting off with a very obvious but essential tip, remember to get some water into you too while you’re on the booze. Any feelings of anxiety you have are linked with the physical feelings of a hangover, so trying to limit that in the first place is a good place to start.

2. Eat

A big greasy fry or takeaway is so tempting after a night of heavy drinking, but it’s just gonna make you feel worse. You might already know about the brain-gut connection, and it comes as no surprise that alcohol isn’t exactly beneficial for your gut. We’re not telling you to down a green smoothie, but it’s something to be conscious of. Avocado toast for lunch anyone?

3. Meditate or exercise

When you’re dying of a hangover, the last thing you want to do is get up and move. We understand. But you can’t really argue with the science, exercise releases feel-good endorphins, it’s a fact. If you can muster the energy to go on a short walk, you’ll feel all the better for it. But if you’re really glued to the bed, you can try some meditation or breathing exercises to help calm your body and quieten your mind.

4. Try to be nice to yourself

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Whether you danced on a table in your underwear, told an unwilling stranger your life story or hooked up with an ex – it’s not the end of the world . Odds are, whatever you did, won’t matter very soon anyway.

5. Have a digital detox 

Checking your stories, reading over drunk texts, receiving constant updates from your friends about what you did last night… you don’t need it. You can deal with the world tomorrow when you’re feeling more up to it. Turn off the phone and whack on your favourite feel-good movie instead.

6. Don’t check your bank account

Because you don’t really need to know right now, do you? Go back to sleep.