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11th Aug 2019

Apparently you shouldn’t chew gum before you have sex, because it makes you bloat

Jade Hayden

chewing gum sex

There are a couple of things people tend to do before they get the ride.

They make sure to shave their entire body. They change their bed sheets. They give themselves a congratulatory pat on the back.

Another thing that people tend to do is chew a bit of gum to give themselves some minty fresh breath.

And in fairness, it seems like a good idea. You can’t be engaging in an intense riding session when your mouth tastes like absolute crap, but as it turns out, there are plenty of negative things that can happen during sex if you’ve been chewing gum beforehand.

Well, two negative things specifically. But that’s loads, tbh.

According to Men’s Health, while chewing gum may seem like a standard go-to when it comes to a bit of casual riding, it can actually make you bloat a lot.

Grim enough scenario.

When we chew gum, our bodies are tricked into thinking that we’re eating when really, the only thing entering our stomaches is air.

This trapped air can lead to some serious bloating and the release of stomach enzymes as our bodies are anticipating being fed is also likely to cause a bit of wind.

Which isn’t all that ideal when you’re planning on getting hot and heavy beneath the sheets.

As well as this, the kind of gum you’re chewing could make a serious difference when it comes to how much you’re going to enjoy your ride.

A study published in 2008 showed that eating peppermint reduced male rat’s libidos due to the repression of testosterone production.

And while that particular effect might appear to be specific to men, testosterone also contributes to women’s libidos too so everybody’s missing out really.

Just brush your teeth instead, lads. With some spearmint toothpaste.