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13th Nov 2021

3 ways you can donate to those living in Direct Provision this Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time for a lots of people – particularly those in need.

This year while many people will be struggling due to the Covid pandemic, others will be making the most of what they have and spending the festive season with those closest to them.

Not everyone will be in a position to give this Christmas, but if you are, spare a thought, some gifts, or a donation, for those who are living in Direct Provision.

Here are three easy ways you can make a donation this festive season.

1. Donate gifts

As we gear up to drop a substantial amount of money on presents for friends and family, why not purchase some nice gifts for families and kids living in DP?

Direct Provision Donations are currently accepting donations for new toys, clothes, and other suitable gifts this Christmas. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they cannot accept any used gifts, but secondhand laptops and tablets are welcome. As are new beauty and personal hygiene products, dry snacks, and period products.

The group have made the donating process as easy as possible by introducing a range of collection points across the country.

You can find a full list of collection points in Dublin below, or in the rest of Ireland here. 

2. Make a cash donation 

If you haven’t got the time, capacity, or ability to make a physical donation this year but still want to do something, you can always make a cash donation.

There are a whole host of charities and different groups supporting those living in DP centres and who campaigned tirelessly to end the system, with all centres set to shut in 2024. 

Doras is a group working to protect migrants in Ireland and asylum seekers living in DP. You can make a donation to them this Christmas here. 

Similarly, you can support the Migrant Rights Centre here, or the Irish Refugee Council here. 

3. Donate food and other essentials

Christmas is no doubt the busiest time for food banks across the country, so if you’re putting together a food hamper for those in need this festive season, don’t forget about those who will be spending their Christmas in DP centres.

Prior to the pandemic, welcome dinners were an ideal way to meet those living in local DP centres – hosting a meal where families, communities and cultures could come together.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what exact to donate, so contact your local Direct Provision centre and see exactly what they need.

Similarly, don’t donate food, clothing, or anything else that you wouldn’t eat or use yourself. Donations are there to benefit those living in DP, not as a means of getting rid of unwanted goods.