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13th Apr 2016

Her Say | Rejecting the XFactor and rejecting limitations

Rising star Emma Lou talks about rejecting the limitations cystic fibrosis has placed on her life

Cassie Delaney

Like many girls born the 90s, growing up with an aspiration to become a Spice Girl was the norm for soulful Emma Lou.  

The rising talent has no qualms in admitting that the Wannabe singers inspired her to write her first song at age 7, a feat that set her on a path to pursuing music as a career. What set Emma apart from her peers was an affliction with cystic fibrosis, something she explains dominated her routine but failed to deter her dreams.

Speaking to during National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Week, Emma talks about how the condition failed to place limitations on her pursuit of happiness and success. She speaks openly and honestly about why she decided to shut down the XFactor and why staying true to herself is her primary concern.

A recent study by Cystic Fibrosis Ireland revealed 47% of adults with cystic fibrosis state that it has impacted on their family life, 42% on their relationships and 57% on their day-to-day activities. And while Emma faces up to three hours of treatment per day, she is grateful that her condition has not hindered her career.

The vivacious and charismatic singer is now preparing to launch her EP and claims her cystic fibrosis is the root of her soulful sounds.

And while she once dreamed of being a Spice Girl, Emma’s new dream is to one day be as big as Beyoncé. Her mission now is to have her voice heard, her music appreciated and to encourage other potential Spice Girls not to be limited.