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04th Jan 2015

Heartwarming: Man Singing To Mum With Alzheimer’s Goes Viral

The video captures the last time this mother recognised her son.


This may bring a tear to your eye…

Joe Fraley’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. On the day before she was moved out of the family home and into assisted care, he managed to capture this sweet moment on camera.

Fraley sang for his mother on the steps of their home, which was sadly the last time she recognised him.

“I think you’re wonderful”, Fraley’s mother can be heard telling her son.

The video, which was uploaded back in October, has been doing the rounds once again after Fraley posted it to Reddit yesterday, admitting that he is “overwhelmed” by the response.

In the YouTube video description, Fraley writes: “I am a little embarrassed for posting something so personal. I wasn’t expecting all the attention it’s been getting, but the fact that it has touched so many people makes makes it worth while. My Dad and 3 siblings are proud as well. Thank you everyone so much for such kind words. I hope this video promotes awareness of this horrible disease….and encourages people to give their parents a big hug [sic]”.

Garnering 825,000+ views, the video has received an outpouring of comments from people in the same situation as Fraley and others touched by the clip, all of whom have encouraged him to continue singing to his mother.

Video via YouTube/Joe Fraley

Hat-tip: i100