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12th Aug 2017

Grape news! Aldi is launching a 55-calorie wine and we are buzzing

Wine not?

Update: The wine has been confirmed for the UK but sadly you’ll have to travel there if you want to try it as Aldi Ireland has been in touch and told us that it will not be landing on this isle.

Ditch the wine guilt.

In news that might make your next hangover a little less feary, it’s been announced that Aldi is bringing out a ‘diet’ wine.

The Featherweight range will have half the calories of a normal wine – as low as 55 calories per glass – and will be available in red, white and rosé.

Whether you fancy a cheeky Merlot or a crisp Pinot Grigio, you’ll be catered for but there is one catch.

The reduced calorie wine will also have reduced alcohol levels – less than 6 per cent, around half the levels of a standard wine.

Still, it’ll definitely hit the spot if you’re a wine drinker and want to treat yourself without going overboard.