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27th Jan 2017

This granny had an adorable response to her granddaughter coming out as bisexual

Megan Roantree


While we all know it’s 2017 and your sexuality is not something to ever be ashamed of, sometimes the older generation have a hard time seeing it that way.

You can blame it on it being a ‘different time’ to when they were growing up but it can still be incredibly difficult when people do not accept you for who you are.

This is why a tweet has gone viral this week which highlights one very supportive granny.

Dutch woman Suna Huls shared a photo of the gift her grandmother gave her after she came out.

“I told my grandma I was bisexual a few weeks ago and today she gave me this.

“My grandma made me a rainbow sweater,”  the tweet said.

Suna also shared a picture of her granny proudly holding the sweater she knitted.

The picture has been retweeted over forty thousands of times and over a hundred thousand people have liked it.

Suna’s story was originally posted to Tumblr so the tweet was shared by someone else, which meant she was pretty shocked and happy to see that her grandmother had become so popular.

Suna also added that she was ‘so proud’.

No word yet on how Grandma feels about being twitter famous, but here’s hoping she knits us all rainbow sweaters.