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04th Dec 2018

These gloves have HEATERS inside them and we absolutely need them for winter

Olivia Hayes

We are freezing.

Absolutely freezing. And it’s about to get colder.

If you hate having to leave the house in the morning because you know your hands will be frozen by the time you get into work then these heated gloves are for you.

They come with a USB 5V powered port to you can plug them into your phone, laptop or whatever to warm them up.

There’s heating pads of both sides of the glove to heat your palm and the back of your hand at the same time. The heating pads are made from infrared carbon fibre which is durable and great for efficiency… so your hands will be warm in no time!

They come in at $9.99 (€8.75) and you can get them on Amazon.

Meanwhile, if you’re on the lookout for something to keep your hands warm in work, this heated mouse pad is for you.

A heated mouse mat is now on sale in Amazon, and it’s pretty genius tbh.

The product description says that the “USB Warmer Mouse Pad [has a] built-in warmer pad can help warm your freezing cold hand while you are at work.

“The temperature of the mouse pad will go up to a suitable degree after it is connected to the computer, just plug it into the USB port, then you can warm your hand all the time.”

It comes in at around 20 quid, so if you’re doing an office Kris Kindle this year, it’s basically the perfect present.