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24th Aug 2023

‘Ghost town’ lies empty years after building stopped on €340k houses 16 years ago

ghost town

‘We were promised that it would be a great community’

Just to the east of Sorn in Ayrshire, Scotland, lies like a ghost town, home to over a dozen derelict buildings being slowly swallowed up by nature.

The town, which goes by the name of Woolmill Place, features a group of sixteen homes, most of which are abandoned after work on the buildings came to a standstill.

Photographs show the ghost town as it is slowly but surely reclaimed by nature.

The group of 16 homes were once worth around £300,000 (€350,160) but the few residents who moved in say over a decade after the project began they are still ‘outraged’ that it was never completed.

The site was originally built by a building company which went bust following the 2007 credit crunch.

Following its bankruptcy the site was bought by a construction firm for £2million.

Local residents say the company have done nothing since – leaving the homes now slowly falling apart with derelict interiors.

One woman who lives in one of the homes said: “Nothing has been done for years. We were promised that it would be a great community.

“If they don’t want to build anymore then fine – but sell it to someone who does.”

The houses overlook the River Ayr and Dalgain Farm.

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