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27th Mar 2018

Galway native Cathy Carey has some awesome advice for any budding content creators


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It was 2016 when Cathy Carey won the Most Aussome Blog award – and since then, her career has been met with endless success.

Her world today is largely different. She’s living in Vancouver and doing what she adores. If there are any potential bloggers, copywriters, digital marketers or content creators out there – this one’s a must read. And yes, her blog is nothing short of amazing!

How has life been for you since winning the Aussie Blog Awards in 2016?

“It has changed a lot, in a good way! Since winning at the Aussie Blog Awards in 2016, my boyfriend Gavin (who works on The Well-Loved Wardrobe with me) and I have moved from Dublin to Vancouver, Canada. It has been an exciting transition and great journey so far. In the earlier part of last year, we took the trip to Australia that we won at the Aussie Awards, visiting Sydney and Melbourne, and taking a trip down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. That was truly surreal, and something neither of us will ever forget.”

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What has been your career highlight in the last two years?

“I’ve seen a big shift in my career in the past two years, and I’m finally breaking into an area that I’d been hoping to pursue further for a while. In 2016, I was working as a content writer, but I knew that I wanted my career trajectory to veer more towards digital marketing. A huge part of the reason I started my blog was to get some real practice with website creation and content marketing, and it has paid off. Now I’m getting closer to where I want to be, and I’m learning more every day, which is wonderful.”

What top tips would you give aspiring bloggers who are interested in fashion?

“I think it’s important to be true to yourself, your tastes and your own style. The process of creating something that represents you should make you think a lot about your values and what you want the end goal to be. For me, my blog was always meant to be a creative outlet, but I also wanted it to be a vehicle for my professional goals. You’ll get so much more out of your blog if you have a clear idea of why you’re doing it, even if it’s only for fun.”

What are your top fashion tips for 2018?

“I just have one: be body positive! There is nothing more fashionable right now than being proud of your body. It’s incredible to see the number of brands that are starting to embrace that idea, and I hope it continues that way. When I see someone that is unapologetically themselves, looking stylish and cool and not caring what anyone else thinks, it’s instantly magnetic. Not only that, it gives me a huge boost of confidence!”

This is why Aussie – our favourite haircare brand here at Her – loves running the blog awards! Aussie wants to celebrate the bloggers who are ‘unapologetically themselves’ and who share great, positive content with their followers no matter the subject.

What influences the way you dress?

“This is a very un-glamorous answer to give, but the weather affects how I dress a lot more these days. The city I live in is infamous for being unfashionable, and I think a large part of that is down to the focus people have on the outdoors here. Wardrobes tend to lean towards a much more functional aesthetic that can withstand heavy rain and snow flurries well into February and March. I find myself looking at clothes with a more practical eye right now, but I love some funky details and interesting elements thrown in there too.”

How much do you think trends affect how your style evolves?

“Consciously, not a whole lot, but subconsciously, probably more than I‘d like to admit! I always try to steer clear of big trends because I think they reach a saturation point and then they’re gone, and you can be left with something that can feel very much of a moment past. Having said that, I am a follower of fashion, and I enjoy watching trends evolve, so I definitely do like to get in on a trend when it’s strikes me!”

What do you think we can expect in the future of blogging?

“I think we can expect more diversity and accountability. By diversity I mean wider representation from less prominent groups of people. It’s exciting to see different stories emerge, it gives an insight into opinions and cultures that are unfamiliar. In terms of accountability, blogging has become a more valuable platform to brands, and sponsored content is commonplace now. Going forward, I would love to see bloggers partnering with brands that have a positive impact, whether that’s environmentally, socially or culturally.”

Well, ladies – we need look no further than Aussie!

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