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02nd Jan 2016

‘Friends’ Fans Probably Didn’t Notice Rachel’s VERY Odd Passport Picture

Did you spot this? And we thought OUR passport photos were bad.

Megan Cassidy

We grew up with Friends – so it’s sometimes hard for us to accept that it’s not real life. 

Which is why we can get particularly confused/irate/upset when continuity errors RUIN the illusion that these people are real (and our friends).

Last year we were particularly indignant when producers swapped out Rachel and thought we wouldn’t notice, but now two eagle-eyed Her readers have spotted another imposter – this time on Rachel’s passport.

Maura Carroll was watching reruns with her friend Ally when they noticed the gaffe.

“Watching reruns of Friends yesterday and in the finale of Friends  when Rachel is going through the airport she shows her passport… I know she has a lot of haircuts over the years but I do not think she looks this different!”



Trust no-one.

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