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29th Sep 2019

Hungover? Try this chef’s patented cure to get you through the day

Don't be put off by the colour...


Hangovers are like the world’s worst reminder that you’re getting old, you acted like an idiot the night before and your body is slowly rebelling against you.

Never have you been more aware of the fact that you share a bathroom with a house of roommates.

So if you’re lying in the foetal position, scared to move for the consequences, we understand.

We’re not here to judge.

In fact, we might even have the solution to all your problems (well, at least this little stickler.)

Speaking to Vice, chef Fergus Henderson decided to leave a drop of wisdom from years as a fine food and wine expert.

He has two admissions in life – he loves food and he loves to have a day-drink.


Which means when he says he has the ultimate hangover food, we trust him.

Instead of opting for a fry-up, breakfast roll, or any other food-type, Henderson suggests making up your own (medicinal) cocktail.

All you need is to do is mix the following:

  • Fernet
  • Crème de menthe
  • Ice

And, yes, apparently he’s very aware it looks disgusting but urges people not to be “put off the by colour”.

Explaining his logic, the chef says:

“That somewhat insidious-tasting amaro known as Fernet-Branca has been a favourite of chefs around the world for decades due to its herbal punch of flavour and ability to calm your insides when you’ve had far, far too much to eat.

“It’s also the essential component of the best hangover cure.”

Our only words of caution?

Make sure the cure doesn’t become the cause for tomorrow’s hangover.