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19th Apr 2016

Five Expert Tips For Creating A Winning Blog

Become a webmaster in five simple steps...


Fancy yourself as a writer? Building a brilliant blog is the best way to garner attention and develop an audience. 

To celebrate the 2016 #AussieBlogAwards here are five quick-fire tips to make sure your blog gets noticed.

 1.  Pick your mission statement

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You should be able to sum up in one line what your blog is and does. If you can’t do that, then perhaps your idea is too confused and you really need to focus on your frame. This doesn’t mean you should set anything as ‘off-limits’ necessarily, but you should know what the key message is for you.

2.  Visualise your audience

If you want to speak to women your own age and with similar interests, for example, write as though you’re writing for your best friends. Every author is familiar with the ‘write what you know’ adage, and the same applies to bloggers.

3.  Experiment with your content

When you’re starting out, vary your posts in terms of topic, length and variety – picture led, video, text etc. A free tool like Google Analytics will help you to measure what posts are most popular, as well as other vital information like what time of day sees most traffic on your site and where your views are coming from.

4.  Social synergy is key


It’s much easier to get people to like a Facebook page or follow a Twitter account than it is to sit hoping they stumble across your blog. Social media channels are free and vital tools for anyone hoping to make an impact online, so work hard on building yours up before launching your blog. This will help to ensure instant eyes on your content.

5.  Produce great content

We could write a line on this or a whole book on it, but the message will remain the same! Write on a topic you are passionate about and it will be clear in the finished product. Very few people are able to make a career out of their writing, so do you care enough to keep it up alongside work, a social life, family and all the other pressures of modern life? If you can answer yes, then you’re good to go!

Can you blog with the best? Find out everything you need to know about entering yourself (or a friend!) in the 2016 #AussieBlogAwards here, or simply fill out the form below.

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