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11th Jan 2017

Fitness trends you need to try in 2017

Bored of the treadmill yet?

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How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along?

Every January is always the same, isn’t it? We swear we’re going to get ourselves in gear, cut back on the drink and even get into shape.

Well, this year we actually mean it.

If you’re already bored of the gym and can’t even look at another green juice then fear not because we’ve found some of the most fun ways to work out in 2017.

You never know, you might even have a laugh while you’re at it.


Ever wanted to be a ballerina? Well, now is your chance. Barre is a ballet-inspired workout that will keep you on your toes, literally! Many of the movements are based on dance moves with a few pilates moves thrown in for good measure. It’s all about small (but challenging) movements that will help tone and strengthen your muscles, particularly your legs.


Yup, that’s a spin class underwater folks. It might sound a bit do-lally but aqua-cycling is the latest fitness craze to blow up in America and you can even do it in Ireland now too. Simply search for aqua-cycling class near you online or ask at your local gym. A single workout can burn up to 800 calories, increase blood flow and fight cellulite which sounds pretty good to us.

Pole dancing

If you’re looking to build strength and get lean then pole dancing is the perfect exercise for you. It’s a great way to exercise with friends and boost your body confidence. There are tonnes of classes all around the country so give it a try at least once. We bet you’ll love it.


High-Intensity Interval Training involves doing bursts of exercise with short rest periods in between. Try out a Bootcamp, CrossFit class or even work out at home to make the most of this great way of exercising. It’s a fantastic way to burn calories quickly and increase your metabolism.


Why not give the O’Donavan brothers a run for their money and try your hand at rowing? Whether you decide to go for an indoor class or hit the water in a boat, it’s a brilliant all body workout that will get your heart pumping. Say goodbye to the bingo wings and pull like a dog!


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