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24th Oct 2018

This farm made Halloween costumes for puppies and trust us, it’s worth the scroll


Can you cope?

There’s something about puppies that just makes my heart swell. Besides the fact that I pitch a puppy room for the office on the daily, I’m forever scrolling through pictures of cute animals and today is no exception.

Thanks to Blue Heron Farm, they’ve gone and made teeny tiny costumes for their teeny tiny puppies. Showcasing the images over the 31 days of October, we’re swooning over these dotey images.

The farm simply placed the fabric on the puppies for a quick image making sure not to upset or disrupt them and the result is a present that just keeps on giving and giving.

Prepare for the best scroll of your day.

This lion is the cutest lion we’ve ever seen.

How do puppies create such instant happiness?



These will never get old. You can check out all the images so far over on @BlueHeronFarmTX.