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22nd Oct 2014

Fans Begin Campaign for Lynda Bellingham’s OXO Ad to Air on Christmas Day

Lynda's fans want to give her "one last Christmas".


A Facebook campaign has been launched this week to try and persuade ITV to bring back the OXO Christmas advert for Christmas Day this year in memory of Lynda Bellignham.

The campaign was launched following the death of OXO mum Lynda on Sunday last, 19th October. Lynda had stopped chemotherapy earlier this year with a view to spending one final Christmas at home with her family.

Unfortunately, the well-known and loved actress passed away earlier this week and fans are now trying to get her famous OXO adverts back on the screen for Christmas Day.

Two Facebook campaigns have been set up, with over 140,000 likes between them as they try to give “her one last Christmas, not in person, but in spirit.”

The campaigns have gained momentum since being mentioned on Loose Women.

Speaking out this week, Lynda’s husband Michael Pattemore has stated that he wants his wife to be remembered as an actress.

“I just want her to be remembered as an actress more than anything – not as a celebrity or one of the Loose Women,” he said. “She started her career as an actress and never thought of herself as a celebrity. She’s always been an actress,” he continued, before adding that her epitaph will read: “The curtain went up on May 31 1948, and the final curtain went down on October 19 2014.”