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08th Jun 2015

Fan of Buckfast? This News Will Make Your Day…

We've found the new favourite food of every Irish college student.

Rebecca McKnight

College students of Ireland – rejoice. We’ve found your new staple diet. 

A butcher’s shop in Clackmannanshire has entered into a partnership with Buckfast distributors to sell pies flavoured with the fortified wine.

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According to The Daily Telegraph, brothers Jason and Garry Rendall started using the beverage, beloved of students, in unique recipes last year.

Now, the siblings behind Rendalls Quality Butchers have taken their creations to the next level and have been granted a licence to use the Buckfast logo.


Jason Rendall and one of his Buckfast pies. Pic via The Daily Telegraph

Jason, 33, explained: “We thought steak and ale was a popular pie so if we took out the ale and put in Buckfast.

“It made a really nice, sweet-tasting gravy and since then it has just got more and more popular. We asked Buckfast if it might be possible to get their backing.

“I didn’t think we had a chance but they came out and took some of the pies away.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes with them ever since to get products right.

“This means we can use the logo and they test every new product to make sure it’s up to their standards before we can release it.”