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09th Sep 2017

Experts recommend investing in this product if you’re pregnant


Getting to sleep while pregnant can be difficult.

You can’t get comfortable. Everything hurts. Your mattress feels like a pile of awkwardly placed cinder blocks and you don’t know how much longer you can go on this way.

But there’s one thing experts say can ease (some of) the sleep deprived pain, and that’s a body pillow.

body pillow

And why is that, we hear you ask.

Well, as aforementioned, sometimes your bog standard mattress just isn’t enough comfort wise when you’re expecting, so having that extra bit of fluff and support can really make all the difference.

Dr. Iffath Hoskins told Romper that during pregnancy, the hormones that make our pelvic bones flexible enough to allow for child birth are also affecting our spines.

Which means, of course, that lying on our backs is not as comfortable as it once was.

body pillow

Dr. Hoskins said that a good body pillow would provide the support necessary for a good night’s sleep.

However, she did say that expectant mamas shouldn’t be heading to buy any old pillow.

Purchasing one that suits your own body shape is a must, so if you’ve got to go to a few places before you find one right for you, it’s probably worth it.

Body pillows come in all shapes and sizes from long and thin to thick with a load of arms.

You’re the only person who can choose the right pillow, but there’s a simple looking one for sale in Mothercare right now that absolutely will not break the bank.

There’s also a pretty decent collection over on online store Little Angles.

We’re particularly fond of this snake shaped pillow. It looks comfy.