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07th Oct 2018

Expert says every couple has to talk about THIS subject before moving in together

Cathy Donohue

every couple

Moving in together is a big decision for nearly every couple.

Deciding to live with your significant other is an important date on your relationship timeline and you’ll want to make it as stress-free as possible.

Research conducted by surveyed 1,000 couples and found that the thing people wished they had discussed before taking the leap and moving in together was how to split the bills.

Not only that, 16 per cent of people said it was the hardest topic they had to tackle when deciding to make the big move.

Financial expert Danisha Danielle Hoston, spoke to Women’s Health and said talking before moving in, instead of after, is key.

It makes sense too because if it’s a conversation you’re nervous about having, you’ll feel much better once it’s out of the way and you can concentrate on the excitement of setting up home together.

every couple

Houston says it’s no use “putting your head in the sand” and having a mature discussion about how you’re going to work out the bills is key.

Common sense would say split the bills equally and that’s how most couples would probably go about it.

However, in order to avoid any potential problems, Danielle says it’s best to get everything out in the open so there isn’t any confusion.

Makes sense, to be fair.