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07th Mar 2016

21 Everyday Things That Make You Feel Fancy

Getting a curly blow dry.

Ciara Knight

Feeling fancy is an integral part of adult life.

I find that a great distraction from the fragility of human life and our impending mortality is feeling fancy. Pretending that you are extremely wealthy and posh is one of the few things that costs nothing, but the satisfaction can be bountiful.

There’s a very fine line between having notions and just innocently wanting to feel fancy, so be careful.

Here’s 21 things that are guaranteed to add a touch of fancy to your day.

1. Referring to a roll as a baguette.

2. Wearing anything that resembles fur.

3. Getting an eco car wash.

4. Purchasing a tin of mineral with a foil lid.

Photo 06-03-2016, 14 49 35

5. Using an actual €1 coin for a trolley instead of a special keyring.

6. When a waiter/waitress refers to you as ‘Madam’.

7. Applying hand cream to your dry and unfancy hands.

8. Getting a curly blow dry.

Hairdresser drying his customer's hair.

9. Consuming a superfood.

10. Looking up flights to obscure places, with no intention of ever going.

11. Going into Brown Thomas and allowing the doorman to open the door for you.

12. Walking past a mansion and fantasising that it’s yours.

13. Having afternoon tea.


14. Getting an Uber (they should be renamed ‘Fancy Taxis’).

15. Eating extremely dark chocolate (70% cocoa and above).

16. Lighting an absurd amount of candles around the house.

17. Wearing a monocle.

Happy looking man with a monocle in his hand

18. Drinking anything out of a champagne flute (even milk).

19. Referring to the bathroom as an ‘en suite’.

20. Getting a French manicure willy nilly.

21. Having a bidet (and actually knowing how a bidet works).