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14th Aug 2018

Erin McGregor just had the most LAVISH birthday party for her 18-year-old daughter

Olivia Hayes

The McGregors certainly know how to throw a party.

Erin McGregor’s daughter Taylor celebrated her 18th birthday today and did so in style. Her mum, Erin threw her a pretty lavish party – renting out a boat and setting sail on the Irish Coast.

The boat was decked out with balloons and roses, with Taylor having all her friends and family on board.

And her cake was something else too – three tiers of pink, green and gold deliciousness.

We wish we had an 18th party like that… most of ours were in local GAA halls (the cringe).

Meanwhile, her uncle Conor’s next fight was officially announced last week.

Conor will take to the octagon once more when he faces Khabib Nurmagomedov on 6 October in Las Vegas at UFC 229.

MMA journalist Ariel Helwani teased “the biggest fight in MMA history” on Twitter before the press conference, and it appeared that an anticlimax was on the cards.

Dana White initially provided a fake-out by claiming that the deal wasn’t done but he expected it would come together soon. 30 minutes later, the truth was revealed.