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10th Apr 2017

Your emoji selection could be having a SERIOUS impact on your love life

This is a game-changer.

Guess what lads… we’re never going to respond to the phallic shaped aubergine, this isn’t ground breaking… it’s just fact.

Now that we have that out of the way, have you ever wondered what other emojis could be seriously affecting your love life? Well have no fear mobile dating app Clover has compiled a list of emojis that men and women are and are NOT responding to.



We’re going to seriously question the sweat droplets but other than that we pretty much agree with all of the above, look at the little cute monkey face.



There’s that pesky eggplant again.



Wait a minute, we understand the ring and the Vulcan salute (which we always use and will now retire) but the little pile of poo is just ADORABLE.

It has a happy face…who wouldn’t respond to a happy pile of poop?




Men love those heart eyes!

Clover, we thank you… we’ve been schooled.


All images thanks to Clover.