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02nd Jan 2018

Duck stranded on frozen lake saved by very heroic man

'Daddy's coming.'

A New Years miracle.

If there’s ever been a time when we needed a hero, now is that time.

The world has pretty much gone to hell.

Donald Trump is still the President of the United States, more and more men continue to be accused of sexual harassment, and global warming is ripping us all a new one.

However, there is one saving grace to all this mess and that saving grace’s name is David Ivey.

Last week, he was out strolling about and he noticed that a duck had gotten into a spot of bother on a frozen lake.

David took it upon himself to rescue this stranded duck, like the true hero he is.

This is his story.

David notices the duck is in dire need of help.

David commences his rescue mission.

David isn’t really sure how to get the duck into his boat.

David somehow gets the duck in there.

All is well.

David then decides to do what all true heroes do best – do some memes with his new duck.

He also took a selfie.

The duck, tasting freedom for the first time in who knows how long, was understandably delighted.

The happiness in his eyes.

Once on dry land again, David let his new friend go.

They remain in touch to this day, probably.