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26th Jan 2019

Dublin’s most expensive house is now for sale and OMG, please take a look inside


OK, wow.

So, all I need to do is get 540 of my closest friends to chip in by paying just over €18,500 and we can afford this MEGA mansion in Killiney, South Dublin.

One of Dublin’s most expensive and luxurious properties is now for sale at a cool price tag of €10 million and just wait until you see inside.

The Victorian property which was built in 1850 has breathtaking views of Bray Head and Dalkey as well as outrageous gardens, stunning features and PLENTY of large windows, leaving in lots of natural light (key!).

Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

First of all, the interior is goals. Chandeliers and incredible art coat the walls throughout the home and don’t forget, lavish ceiling to floor curtains.

This house doesn’t need a “good room” tbh, every room is “a good room”, like below, where we’d sit with the girls over a spot of afternoon tea on a Sunday.

The French Rivera or County Dublin, you decide.

Look at all that LAND.

Every room features plenty of space and light.

And let’s not forget, five reception rooms and seven bedrooms – one for every day of the week. Sounds about right.

The house sits on five acres, with views that you’ll never get tired of.

Dreamy blue master bedroom.

And an ensuite that looks like a spa – standard.

You can read more about the property online here.

Images credit – Sotheby’s.