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13th Jul 2022

For just €87k a month, you can stay in this ‘luxury’ Dublin Airbnb

Complete with four en suites and a rooftop. That makes it totally worth it, right?

By Katy Thornton

Even for Dublin prices we were a bit shook by this. While casually scrolling Twitter I came across this tweet from Ciarán of Crazy House Prices, who sheds light on exactly what you would expect: Crazy House Prices. But this time, instead of focusing on (where dreams go to die) they’re looking at Airbnb, and this find is completely shocking.

For a casual €87k, you can rent out this luxury Dublin Airbnb, a George’s Street House, complete with 4 en suites and a rooftop. For how long you ask? Oh yes, for one month. €87k. For one month.

Head on down to bargain town, am I right?

The entire home has room for nine guests, with four bedrooms and five beds. The host of this Airbnb has a 4.89 star rating, with 18 different reviews. The section that ranks the lowest is, you guessed it, value for money (although it still ranked a 4.3/5 stars).

So we’re all wondering, why on earth does it cost so much for a month’s stay? Is there perhaps a hot tub, or a pool? Are the beds made with gold frames, with diamond detailing? At the very least is there security, or air conditioning, or a washing machine? The answer to all these questions is no. But hey, they have nifty bits like a fridge, and cooking basics, and let’s not forget a smoke alarm.

Seemingly the only reason this Dublin Airbnb costs €87k is because it’s, you know, in Dublin. And it only gets worse, as adding one more night costs nearly 2k. You can check it our for yourself HERE.

I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

Header image via Airbnb