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12th Aug 2018

DREAM job! You can now get paid to live on a Greek island and babysit kittens

Sign us up, please!

If you love cats and kittens, as well as being on a sunny Greek island then this is certainly the most perfect job for you.

And before you start with the old cat lady jokes, the cats all come from a rescue centre and need a little bit of love.

God’s Little People Cat Rescue, which is situated on the Greek island of Syros, is looking for a caretaker to look after its 55 cats and kittens.

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The part-time job (which means you’ll have loads of free time to explore the island) also has accommodation included in the sanctuary manager’s house, which ain’t too shabby at all.

The job description is as follows:

“I am looking for someone who can take over the daily running of my Greek cat sanctuary in my absence. You will have 55 cats in your care and need to be able to overview them all + feed and medicate (big added bonus if you’re trained vet. nurse!).

“The job is long term but a minimum of 6 months is required with a 1 month intro at the beginning of October.

“Please send your application with a photo and relevant information to [email protected]
We will look through all the applications and do Skype calls with the most suitable candidates at the end of August.”

You can see the full job spec here.